Three Ways To Spot A Fake Rolex

So there are three things you have to pay attention to when you see a fake rolex number, one that you have to finish. Just check the weight of the watch, the quality of the finish if you are not at all sure, then you probably also have a fake a number of markings on the watch to pay attention to the finish, since the markings on the dial check whether the brands are correctly spelled, check that the emblems of the buckle are all good,

the second thing to look for is a kind of industry standard thing that is watching and checking whether it tapes or sweeps if it tapes, that means it has a battery powered move that would not happen in every Rolex because every Rolex has an automatic movement so the hand always sweeps and the third thing to just keep an eye on is checking the serial numbers that have to be done by someone who can remove the bracelet, serial numbers are on both ends of the case and they are on the modern Rolexes there is a serial number on the bottom or the dial, so if they are not there If you are,

then you certainly have a fake watch that is priced online for 50 pounds and you hope that a real Rolex is most likely not the real watch in the equivalent of this would cost nearly 20 or just over £ 20,000 in retail and that is something that I would immediately indicate and would point out that you should not buy a watch and expect it to be real in that case, you.