Rolex Submariner replica

hey guys I'm bringing a video today and a topic today is things I hate about my rolex submariner and I already know that this video is going to get a lot of antipathies because many of my videos are very hated and so the first reason I hate rolex replica watches it it does not really have anything to do with the watch itself, but with the online viewing community.

I do not know what it has to do with them, but sometimes they can be very hateful, malicious and maybe jealous or jealous.

I really do not know what the reason behind it is, but I think I have a few theories. I think Rolex, you know that there are a few owners who do nothing good for the watch world. They just buy it to show off, so I put a little in that bucket and you know as I'm a young guy, people can feel jealous and think hard why does he have one and I do not and so I think that one of the reasons and the other is that I think it's just easier to be condescending online versus if you do that in person,

you know that I've never had a bad meeting about my w atch or even my character. would like to think that I have no enemies but on YouTube seem to be a lot of dislikes and negative comments and that's okay I knew this would happen when I made this channel, so that's the first reason it's the kind of hateful online community is the horch community that it is the second reason, is just the fear of being you know robbed or robbed I'm a very small guy and built small and it does not take much to take me down and take my wrist andyou just know Jack the watch for me,

so I always have that in my mind, but I'm aware of my environment I do not put myself in the environment where I could get problems, but I know you at night often only in the metro and I do not think I wear myself as someone who wants to be robbed I usually have it under my cuff so I hope it does not happen but there is always the possibility that you never know who is looking for luxury timepieces, the third reason is that some people in person are okay, oh, that is a roller cheer or that was a Folex and they are just a little taken back that it is Rolex. You know these are usually ordinary men and so they always assume that it's fake and you just have to walk around politely and just explain that it's real, so that's the third reason,

but never really negative encounters in person, only but to explain that you know it's not vague and that can sometimes be uncomfortable, so that's the third reason why Rolex's fourth reason for design is just very subjective and I know you will not like it but it's a bit too big for me and that's only because I'm small built and the five footer five foot six five foot seven on a good day I have a six and a half inch wrist, so it's a bit big It seems to me, but I do not think it looks like a sign.

I really like it fake rolex as it fits, but the advantage that it is a bit bigger is that it is very readable and that is of the utmost importance to me and it is a very accurate one that is true that is most important to me and some Mariners were not designed to look as small as dress watches that they were designed to pass, you know that wetsuits are like that, it's not the fault of their own it's just that I'm nitpicky and so it was a bit big for me, especially with the maxi cover which is a popular subject, but I like it, I think it's a lot better than the previous generation with the thinner cams and you know that this bracelet is just it is it is incredible and I think I think it looks like I think it looks good and I and I love it and so yes i think four reasons i gave you is the online community not really watches fault the conversations about it is fake so big and i think i have one more.

I have already forgotten that I am trying to rush. I have to go to work so yes I have just made this channel as a newcomer that I think people do not like to watch but the person behind the guard who maybe they just do not understand me a lot of comments about me being smug, self-righteous or not I am worthy and I think I think that if I am deprived,

many of you would be happy because I have it, you do not, replica watches and now we both have none and my last video did not know that it was not very well received because I had almost bypassed the waiting list, which was not the intention at all I was just lucky that I met a man at a party he had a Rolex I said hello I said nice watch and he was just happy to talk to me about it I suppose and he said, let me send you, let me send you to the ad and you get 20% discount as I did and so I came up there they said no 20%, but we have it for you in a few days two days later I showed up and i k bought us a sailor who did not like it because they might have been waiting for a long wait but there is not much to do, I was just lucky and I'm grateful for that and the watch world did not like that so again hate a few things that I hate about the Rolex Submariner and I'm really a mosquito sifter here, do not really hate them, but no watch is perfect and they certainly did not design this with me in mind, but I'm very excited to still have it.